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Sky Mind

Do you want to learn how to use your mind and thoughts in your favor? Welcome to SKy Mind By Shirayam.

We live an automatic, hectic life, in which without realizing it we become hostages of our own anxious, angry and insecure thoughts that end up guiding our lives. 

This mind is the same mind that decides on how to carry our relationships, our work, and defines the quality of how we live our lives.

Sky Mind by Shirayam is a training in which the mind, emotions, and actions find harmony and congruence.

Based on the belief system study technic called The Work, created by the american Byron Katie, in which the process of self inquiry teaches us how to reeducate our mind rather than being hostages of our thoughts, thereby guiding our heart back to its natural balance.

Meditando na praia

Training Includes:

  • Byron Katie's work

  • Active and passive meditations

  • Group experiences

  • Mindful walks

  • Transcendental body movement

  • Therapeutic writing practices

It provides greater autonomy in thinking, feeling, and acting. As well as a clearer perception of reality and of the projections we have in our personal relationships.

  • Decrease of stress and anxiety;

  • Understanding, acceptance and redesign towards life;

  • A more organized and clear mind focusing on what is a priority;

  • Emotional Intelligence Development;

  • Deep relaxation, emotional calmness

  • More awareness of yourself, your triggers and defensive mechanisms;

  • More confidence in being yourself;

  • Daily tools to maintain a healthy mind and its natural positiveness;

  • The training is organized into basic and advanced modules.


The main benefits are:

About the Facilitators:

Confira a facilitadora da cidade onde você for participar junto às datas do evento.


Shirayam Daniele Ribeiro

She began her spiritual quest at the age of 17, moving to Chile when she met her mentor Suryavan Solar in 1993. She is the Co-Founder of the Free Mind CB school of self-knowledge, acting as a director for 10 years in 10 countries from 2009 to 2019.

In 2003 she met Byron Katie and became specialized in The Work Method through the 5 Schools she attended with Katie in California and Florida, a method she still works today in her retreats and sessions.

Certified in:

  •     CNV (Non-Violent Communication) - Brazil

  •     Psych-k (Reprogramming limiting beliefs, subconscious) - Chile

  •     Breathwork by Clarity Rebirthing - California

  •     DNA Theta Healing - Miami Florida

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Yemisari Juliana Ribeiro 

Yemisari Juliana Ramos Ribeiro is a Naturopath graduated from the Universidade Do Sul de Santa Catarina, Brazil (2006).

She has been working with Integrative Natural Practices for 16 years, and she also teaches classes on the subject.

She has been working as a Human Development Instructor for the past 10 years, teaching workshops and giving lectures in several Brazilian cities and other countries, focusing on the work of the mind and the belief systems created by Shirayam Daniele Ribeiro.

She is the co-author of the book Journey Within - A daily practice of self discovery together with Shirayam.

Our mission is to support humans in their search for peace, anxiety reduction and happiness.

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Cori Coraci Silanyi

Conduz grupos e atendimentos individuais dentro da metodologia Sky Mind by Shirayam com base no The Work of Byron Katie em âmbito nacional desde 2011

Especialista em transformação pessoal, desenvolvimento de habilidades de colaboração e conexão. 

Com formação multidisciplinar, experiência no mundo corporativo e no desenvolvimento humano como terapeuta em treinamentos e atendimentos com foco em Pedagogia da Cooperação, Técnicas de desconstrução de crenças, Técnicas de Transformação de Conflitos, Vivências em CNV (Comunicação Não Violenta), Técnicas Terapêuticas Corporais: Satori Dance e Somatic Emotional Processing.

Upcoming dates:

Lages / SC

March 1, 2 and 3, 2024 in Lages

Com Yemisari Juliana Ribeiro


Training Price: R$ 1350.00 until 01/30/24.

After the date above, R$ 1490.00.
Payment method: in cash or in installments of up to 12 installments with interest


Belo Horizonte / MG

21, 22 e 23
de junho de 2024

Com Cori Coraci Silanyi


Valor do Treinamento:

R$ 1350,00

Forma de pagamento: à vista ou parcelado em até 12X com juros



Going on Retreat and not withdrawing has put me in balance and given me strength last year to go through the pandemic and get through 2 surgeries. In it I learned to be more calm and to manage my anxieties. I had my results confirmed when I underwent the second surgery as well. I was in the hospital and so I called Shirayam and she assisted me to get through the worst anxiety crisis in my life. I have changed the way I cope with my anxieties and I have felt a release from many issues in my life. My healing and my family led me to Shirayam and Yemisari. They are my safe place. It helped me a lot in my self-awareness towards balance and focus on a healthy mental life. Thanks for always taking care of me.

Marcia Maria Smek ,  Baby-Sitter

Biguaçu, SC

Para mais informações, entre em contato por whatsapp:

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