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Created for you who are thirsty to BE.

To feel safer in your own skin.

To understand your defense mechanisms.

To sophisticate your stress and anxiety management .

To know how to digest your sadness and anger as natural emotions.

To create spaces to savor your happiness .

Knowing how to generate the motivation and disciplines necessary to have a healthy and balanced life and go after your dreams .

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For you who want:

Be with us  together all year .

Feeling accompanied, learning about you, participating in our practical, simple and effective self-knowledge classes .

Honoring and surpassing your old versions step by step each day.

Feeling welcomed by a team that can answer your questions, offer dynamics, provide tools and carry out practices in exclusive groups.

What is included in the "Growing the Year" program?

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1 monthly live class with Shirayam with group Q&A session at the end


1 monthly live class with Yemisari with group Q&A session at the end

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Access to 13 very important recorded classes from our Respira Retreats selected for this group

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Access to the course: Strengthen your self-esteem! , with 14 wonderful recorded   classes, taking you straight to the point in building, nurturing and daily practice of your self-esteem.

Meditação Guiada

Access to links to visualizations in the form of recorded and guided meditations by Shirayam

Jovens empresárias

Consultation draws with Yemisari and Shirayam

Vela nas mãos

Exclusive group ceremonies .

Exclusive discounts on various products and services (see below)

  • Discover Shirayam Ribeiro's Classes
    The methodology of the classes below will be: Theory Practice Questions Meditation/End Visualization We will use our four expressions of who we are in our classes: Our mind Our body Our emotions And our spirit Thus touching both our internal and external world, generating trust, intimacy and fluidity in the bridge that unites both . Lesson 1: How to be my mind's best friend? Let's talk about fear . Class 2: Educate your mind in the name of Peace (anxiety x happiness) Lesson 3: Self-knowledge, looking at my shadows with presence. Lesson 4: Let's learn to dissolve our beliefs through deep understanding Lesson 5: The Work the Byron Katie- the difference between living in the illusory world and the real world Class 6: Byron Katie's work- resolving conflicts and resentments Lesson 7: The Work the Byron Katie and the letter of forgiveness, letting go and integrating . Class 8: Natural happiness, what eh, where does she live? How am I weakening it and how do I strengthen it? Class 9: The work the Byron Katie and money, let's work our views on scarcity Class 10: Let's talk about meditations in movement - Catharsis of letting go Class 11: Bring your mind back to the peace that we are, Bringing focus and energy to your life, your healing and your projects. Class 12: Disciplines that elevate us tools and practices that I will take from this retreat for the rest of my life. Lesson 13: Reading the signs of the world, feeling belonging, diluting the illusion of separation . Bonus classes to be booked: 1- Additional Q&A meetings on the day of class. 2- Meetings to break beliefs with open mic and specific cases 3- Meeting of body activities - Satori Dance, active meditations and others 4- Ceremony of rooting in my personal power 5- Classes with guests.
  • Discover Juliana Yemisari's Classes
    Integrative Practice Classes: In search of balance and harmonization as a Naturologist, Yemisari will bring theoretical and practical classes throughout the year on some therapies that are linked to the needs brought up in the classes with shiryam well as the practical basis of the following complementary therapies: Class one - Radiesthesia: are we going to learn to speak with our intuition? Through the use of the body as a radiesthetic medium and the pendulum, we will put into practices such as talking to the subconscious to have more clarity of what happens to us. Class Two - What is Energy? Focus on Chakras: in addition to class one and Chromotherapy class we will learn to read the Chakras and harmonize them before going to sleep or taking actions in our day day to day behaviors that strengthen our personal energy Class three - Chromotherapy: how the use of colors influences our daily lives and how to use this resource for our food, clothes, in addition to light or chromatic lamps to harmonize us and our environment Class four - Medicinal clay: Let's get to know the green medicine clay its forms of therapeutic application for our health and rebalancing our chakra energy from the previous class as well as for detoxification and use in joint pain and column Class five - Bach Flowers: learn how they work and the main indications for imbalance of our mind and some emotions as well as for stress anxiety etc Class six - Reflexology: Should we align ourselves before bed? Let's learn this very healthy and useful tool for unlocking and harmonizing our body! Class seven - Aromatherapy: let's talk about 8 oils! class focused on the mind, self-esteem, libido and stress directed to questions and answers of the most used oils in everyday life. Class eight - Hydrotherapy: learn how the use of water can be important for your internal and external daily life. The later classes are open and will be set up according to the main complaints brought by the group.

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About as  Facilitators:

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Shirayam Daniele Ribeiro

Shirayam is a Facilitator, Writer, Speaker and Therapist.  Passionate about the study of the SER.  She has supported thousands of people in over 10 countries through her retreats, conferences, books, individual sessions and mindful walks, in the last 25 years, using different techniques of self-knowledge for better management of stress, anxiety, breaking of limiting beliefs , self management and quality of life!


Yemisari Juliana Ribeiro 

A born seeker! A thirst for knowledge! Graduated in Applied Naturology from UNISUL , with a postgraduate degree in Acupuncture from IBRATE, working in the office for more than 15 years. É  instructor at the Condor Blanco International Organization, where she has given seminars in several countries.

How does   work?

You will have access to an exclusive members area on the site , where you will find all the material from the community and you will be able to interact with the other members and with our team, through the comments.

Payment methods: 

Up to 12 installments on the credit card   + interest from the Pagseguro platform or

Pix, with 10% discount on sight .   De  R$ 499.00 for 449.00.


10x of BRL 49.90

For  more information , please contact us by whatsapp:

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