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The Work

The Work Method by Byron Katie

One of the main methods Shirayam employs in his trainings, lectures, courses, and consultations is the Byron Katie's The Work method. This method provides a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, guiding people to question their thoughts and find inner peace.

Shirayam met Byron Katie in 2003 and specialized in The Work method through the 5 in-person The Schools, in California and Florida, as well as No Body, New Years Cleanse, Parenting, and Addiction, and online courses. Since then, he has been working with this transformative method, helping hundreds of people online and in person in more than 10 countries to unravel thought patterns and achieve a more fulfilling and authentic life.

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What is The Work?

The Work is an innovative approach to investigating and questioning the thoughts and beliefs that cause suffering in our lives. Created by Byron Katie, this simple yet profound method guides us through a process of self-inquiry that allows us to closely examine the stories we tell ourselves about the world, others, and ourselves.

What is it for?

The Work serves as a mirror to our minds, helping us see beyond the illusions we create and access the underlying truth. By questioning our thoughts, we can discover a new way of looking at situations, freeing ourselves from the prison of our own limited perceptions. This not only frees us from unnecessary suffering but also empowers us to make more conscious decisions and live with more authenticity and inner peace.

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The Benefits of The Work 

1. Inner Peace: By questioning our thoughts, we find a sense of inner peace that comes from living in harmony with reality rather than fighting against it.

2. Mental Clarity: Regular practice of The Work helps us to clear the fog of confusing thoughts and see situations clearly as they are. Deeper

3. Relationships: By questioning our beliefs about others, we can cultivate more authentic and compassionate relationships, free from the weight of expectations and judgments. Emotional


4. Resilience: Learning to question our thoughts makes us more resilient in the face of adversity, allowing us to deal with life's challenges in a more balanced and conscious way.


5. Self-Discovery and Personal Growth: The Work invites us to explore the depths of our own minds, revealing insights and understandings that help us grow and evolve as individuals.

Join us on this exciting journey of awakening to the truth of who you really are.

Discover Shirayam's activities that include Byron Katie's The Work method in in-person retreats, online immersions, and individual consultations:

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