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With Myself

An Encounter

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Journey Within

A daily practice of self discovery

Journey within - is a self-knowledge workbook that lasts three years or more depending on you.

It contains a question for each day of the year, about yourself to yourself. And a blank space for you to write  your daily answers.


Every year you will have the chance to answer the same question and notice what has changed in you, what has grown, what has become stuck, what has healed, and what you still resent, if the same things still make you happy, from where you get the strength to overcome every obstacle, and much more.

It is a tool that fosters the habit of taking a pause, of being present, of slowing down the mind, of being in touch with yourself.

Through this practice, you can enhance your focus, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and your capacity for self-reflection.

Therapeutic writing, Mindfulness and self-inquiry

These were some of the tools we used while building this book for you.

It was written by  Shirayam Daniele Ribeiro and her sister, the naturopath Juliana Yemisari Ramos Ribeiro.

and start your journey towards yourself:

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