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as a path to balance

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From the quest for self-knowledge and enlightenment, to working on world tours for U2, Beyonce  
and many others  artists, to formatting spiritual retreats that have touched the lives of over 10,000 people in more then  11 countries.

She is a speaker, facilitator, writer and therapist  who has  supported thousands of people through retreats, training, conferences and personal consultations.
Using effective self-awareness  techniques for better management of stress, anxiety, overcoming limiting beliefs, strengthening your self esteem and happiness improving your life quality .
Shirayam brings the tools, questions, dynamics and experiences that will take you back home. Back to who you are.

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Soul Walk - Camino De Santiago (The Way of Saint James)

Would you like to walk for 20 days in Europe on one of the oldest pilgrimage routes on the planet?

Welcome to Soul Walk - Camino de Santiago de Compostela 2024.

Soul Walk, what is it? Conscious walking or pilgrimage to places of beautiful landscape and sacred sites with focus on self-knowledge, transformation, and expansion of consciousness.


Sky Mind

Sky Mind by Shirayam is a training in which mind, emotions and actions find peace and congruence. Based on the work with belief systems created by the American Byron Katie, in which the process of self inquiry teaches us how to re-educate our mind instead of being hostages of our thoughts, therefore guiding our heart back to its natural balance.

Educate your Mind in the name of Peace

Educate your mind with The Work of Byron Katie By Shirayam. There will be 8 meetings to learn about The Work, written meditation, and self-inquiry methodology by the American Byron Katie."

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Satori Dance Training

Satori Dance is a style of dance therapy. A space to release tensions in the body, an opportunity to re-energize the body and mind through music and movement, to breathe and restore our vitality. A place for men and women to move freely and spontaneously.

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An Encounter With Myself: a self-awareness exercise book that lasts three years or more depending on you. It contains 365 questions, one for each day of the year, about you, for you.
Diary of the Camino de Santiago: Immerse yourself in a unique experience with this diary specially designed for those who embark on the mystical Camino de Santiago de Compostela."



Shirayam has been providing individual counseling, in person and now online, since 2003. She focuses on empathic listening and on understanding and solving challenges her clients may present.


With over 20 years of stage experience in Portuguese, Spanish and English, Shirayam has spoken to over ten thousand people in 10 countries in the last 25 years.

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What people say about Shirayam?

"Being aware that I am responsible for 100% of everything that happens in my life and knowing that I have the autonomy to choose my thoughts brings a lot of peace to my day-to-day life"     

- Sunama Bona Rachel  

Designer and Tattoo Artist  

"Shirayam and her method helped me to strive to be a better person for myself and my family. I also learned that it is never too late. There is always time to fulfill dreams, and even at the age of 50 I can pursue the psychology degree that I have always dreamed of."     

- Leozania Leal   - Businesswoman

"Shirayam and her method  have supported me a lot in my personal development. I have learned how to cope with my anxiety and  improved as an entrepreneur.Mmy life flows much more calm and peaceful!" 


- Vinicius Serrano


"Shirayam and the method she created gave me tools to overcome negative beliefs that limited me in many aspects of my life. With these techniques I have gained more confidence and started to believe that I can do anything I want. "


- Frederico Nunes


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I choose to start my day by listening to one of the meditations guided by Shirayam. Each one of them has a different focus, always praising for inner peace, full attention and re-education of our mind.

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Quest your mind for the sake of Peace: Strategies for a healthy mind. Conference delivered by Shirayam at the Condor Blanco Holistic Congress in 2017 to over 800 people!

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From Pain to Happiness:

8 steps to cross this bridge and be at peace!

Gallery of Lectures and Retreats

Brazil - Chile - Argentina - Peru - Venezuela - Cuba - Colombia

Mexico - United States - Spain - France - Italy

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