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Ability to be free

This week I heard for the umpteenth time that we are being manipulated and our freedom is being taken away by imposing on us in different countries the use of masks.

Our ability to be free is not linked to whether or not to wear a mask, especially us women, who have been brainwashed for generations to wear much more on our face to be accepted than a simple mask.

Our ability to be free lies in the exercise of conscious living.

Of knowing who we are and what we want to do with our lives, with or without a temporary cloth in our mouths that protects us from possible death.

So I want to know if fulfilling the duty to wear the mask takes away our freedom, tell me:

1-Not taking therapy and being full of resentments and low self-esteem doesn't take away our freedom?

2-Not investing in learning to deal with the invasive thoughts in our head and living with anxiety doesn't take away your freedom?

3-Having a sedentary life, smoking and eating what is no good doesn't take away our freedom?

I imagine that in this deep care in fighting for our freedom for a mask mandate it is because we are already up to date in not making racist, xenophobic, misogynist comments and others. Because that no mask covers.

So please don't believe that they take away our freedom by asking us to wear masks.

1-We take away our freedom when we don't take finance class and spend our whole lives dreaming of winning the lotto, working like crazy, consuming the unnecessary, waiting for retirement and forgetting about the next one.

2- We take away our freedom when we stop saying I love you to anyone who cares for fear of being cheesy, or the current cringe.

3-We take away our freedom when we don't care about the ignorance of not knowing who we are, what makes us happy, why we are here today and what legacy we will leave when we leave.

4-We take away our freedom when we don't have any spiritual practice that inspires us more than buying another dress/pants on Sale.

These are the masks we should be concerned about, because they came before the pandemic and will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Focus on your life.

Put on that mask, that alcohol and that distance and go take care of your life! We already know what is happening, we are in a global pandemic, which now has been mapped, asks us for support so that it can be overcome with proven necessary steps.

So take the freedom you do have and act.

Study, learn, work, vote, change, ask for support, adapt, struggle.

If a little piece of fabric less than 20 centimeters is going to take away my freedom then it's because I was trapped long before.

Is it to wear a mask because it saves lives? I put.

Here you can take it. Shot. There you need to put it again, I put it. Ready. Move on.

I respect this fight that belongs to everyone.

Let's not waste energy on being "cricris", you will need it to win in life.

They are taking away our freedom… is it?

Wake up….


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