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About cultivating your heart

This week, Jô Soares and Olivia Newton John passed away.

Two icons in the history of humor and art in the lives of those who have enjoyed this planet since the 70s.

When I look at the outside world, I don't see another Jô or another Olivia, at first this made me sad, my mind thought: people will not have the experience of feeling in their hearts the work of these two beings and so many others from our time that are going though leaving no heir to its inspiring authenticity.

And soon I felt again in this sea of ​​flowers, in an open field, where each one had its place and perfect time, where one leaves, another appears.

Not equal , but unique.

And with the same importance and beauty.

I also felt that it is up to each of us to keep alive the flame of all the icons that are leaving our lives, through our attitude, actions and words.

Cultivating these attributes is also recognizing them as ours.

They remind us of who we are in our authentic Being.

I bring in my heart Cazuza, Fred Mercury, Renato Russo, Mussum and Zacarias, Lady Di, Desmond Tutu, Chico Mendes, Chico Xavier, Patrick Swayze, and so many others, not for their image and fame, but for their attitude. as human beings, and the inspiring way their lives touched and changed mine, and maybe ours, forever.

We have many good examples to follow, let's not duplicate the aggressiveness, negativity, dishonesty we see out there, this is very small on our part.

We dishonor these icons who dedicated their lives to the intensity of Being, for decades, forging our own history.

Choose well who you let into your heart and plant their seeds.

You will reap the fruits throughout your life.


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