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Do we really want to change?

Do we really want to change?

Is it not more comfortable as it is?

Without having to risk our comfort to do something new, create something new, be something new.

Is it not better to leave the denied in the catacombs so as not to visit untreated pain?

Is it not better to look the other way and pretend that the moments when we hurt ourselves in the past never existed and also deny that they are revisited with the periodicity of those who remember something they want to forget...

Do we really want to change and risk all this acquired familiarity of walking with manageable, make-upable, "coverable" pain?

Because change requires crossing the dark night of the Soul and seeing the sun rising on the other side of the mountain.

It requires looking at what bothers, at what is muffled, projected onto the other in the form of accusation and hurt.

It requires destroying the pedestal we've created on which we've put other people responsible for the decisions in our lives, the way we feel, the results we get.

Do we really want to change?

It's easy to answer this question, just look at our actions to know the answer. Our actions are the result of what we think and feel.

If I want to change, I invest in change.

If I want to change and I assume I can't do it alone, I look for support.

If I want to change, I read, cry, open myself to the other, to the new, I seek those who teach me how to heal myself, the mind, beliefs, the heart, the Soul. I open myself to faith.

If I want to change, I go into transformation immersions with other people who want the same.

I take therapy, travel, walk in the woods, sing to the moon, hire a coach, sign up for a new training, meditate, hug, plant, pray, light a fire, listen to the other in their change, get in touch with my child.

I pay the price to learn this new dance.

I appear at the appointed time at the meeting with my destiny, with a clean face, sweaty clothes, torn soul, wrinkled skin, life delivered, in the hands of the Divine.

I no longer postpone the life that runs in my veins, I go against the packs, I throw myself wild on a stage, in a river, in a retreat.

Because when we want to change, we are aligned with what brought us here, who knows, that our destiny is so sacred, that it deserves to be lived live.

Change . Let's move. He comes.


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