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Homemade receipt to handle our fears

One of the experiences I had after being diagnosed with breast cancer, in 2018, from which I’m cured, was experiencing new fears that I never felt before.

My attack and defense brain system were very active after the surgery and the treatments and that would make me involuntarily on high alert about situations where before I would be in peace with.

It could be very simple, like being afraid of elevators which lasted several months, or more elaborated experiences such as flying on an airplane which lasted some years, for someone who was used to traveling by plane around 100 times a year for work.

I am grateful that I had compassion and patience to be there for myself when healing from

these and other fears, and on the search for a good support during this journey.

I could see that I had lost control over situations I used to “dominate” before and I had to learn

again how to earn my trust and assurance step by step and at my time with love, tears, anger,

decision, focus, acceptance, integration and presence.

Fear will follow us in our lives and work on them can turn them into traveling companions, not executioners of our mind.

They gradually transform in reminders of which we know that we need to stop, look inside and teach our mind and heart how to deal in a healthier way with fears when they appear in our paths.

Transcending them shows more of who we really are and what we are capable of, that we wouldn’t know if we didn’t bump into them.

We need to recognize the fears we face and reframe, otherwise these achievements pass by unnoticed, and we lose the chance to honor our victories and feel our strength.

We learn the strategies that helped us overcome our fears and create an effective receipt to

handle the challenges of life, which can help other people’s lives as well.

My homemade receipt to handle fear:

1 – Identify them

2 – Accept them

3 – Talk about them in therapy and understand their origins

4 – Do what scares me, still scared, supported by practices that make me stronger

5 – Change the internal dialogue

6 – Be thankful and celebrate the victories

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