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The brain is the smartest and dumbest thing there is

I love a phrase I heard from my friend and neurosurgeon Dr. Eduardo Silva Lamshiro:

"The brain is the smartest and dumbest thing there is"

Because he, when remembering a situation, relives what he felt in it and sends all that sensation to the body, whether good or painful.

So when we have an emotional resentment, an open wound, which we think about daily or put under the rug without working on it (stop, feel, question, transcend), it remains latent, pulsing, hurting, acting under our decisions and thoughts. daily, feeding every day what you see through the reality perception filter of the pain of the unhealed.

It's not something we can afford to carry around for a long time without having negative consequences on our relationships, health, productivity, and inner peace.

Sometimes it's scary to work on what bothers us because we weren't taught at home, not at school, sometimes not even in college the importance of STOP, look inside, clean the house, let the sun of self-knowledge come in and lighten every corner of pain , incomprehension, low self-esteem, and nourishing ourselves with another substance: emotional autonomy, forgiveness, self-love, lightness, authenticity, sensuality, self-respect, silence and laughter.

And that's not possible alone sitting at home, or working like crazy not to get in touch with emotions or being aggressive with the ones we love throwing all our unworked garbage on the people we believe we take for granted.

It is necessary to go where there are spaces for understanding, guidance and healing. Being with people who have heard your story more than a thousand times and know the path you can take to have a healthy ❤️ again, people who work with people, who studied, lived, tasted, traveled in deep searches inside and outside of them, if they have healed, they know the pain you are feeling and how to embrace it in the form of healing and no longer self-aggression.

Think and feel for a moment that you are valuable enough to dedicate weekends of retreat, introspection, learning and healing to you.

When you heal something in your relationships, it vibrates all around you. Shirayam

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