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Want to take Bali to your home?

Some tips from what I learned about mental health and self-care during a month in Bali that we can do wherever we are in the world:

1- I went to different yoga classes at Yogabarn until I found the yoga that made sense to me YinYoga that I study today!

There are many free classes online that you can do at home.

2- Conscious walks in the rice fields, that is, walks with the presence of sounds, colors and shapes around you. No cell phone and no thinking about life's agendas.

Just looking at the world without judging, without blaming, with a curious look at the details, colors and sounds, letting life in without a filter.

It slows down the mind, calms it down, develops focus and presence.

3- As in Bali there are many wonderful, cheap and vegan restaurants, it was easy to learn that vegans have infinite healthy and practical possibilities for everyday life and I brought several good recipes to make at home, another thing that Youtube and Instagram also offer us for free .

4- I took the most incredible massage modalities and brought several practices to my daily life, there was a SPA where the massage therapist rubbed my foot with thick salt and then lemon before starting the massage! Do you think about detox and energy cleansing at the same time? And how many times do we see that a massage fits in our budget, even if it's one every two months and we never take it?

I also loved the foot massage, reflexology, which even the naturologist Yemisari (from the Cura Therapies Channel) teaches at our online retreat #retreat on how to do it at home, super practical. Her channel has a lot of self care and Naturology practices. Click here to watch the Foot Massage class.

5- Every Friday we went to an amazing dance therapy class!! 100 people in a tall, huge, wooden room, open on the sides to bamboo and rice paddies. Dancing to amazing DJs for 3 hours each focused on your body, breathing, releasing, unlocking, expression and enjoying the pleasure of dancing. As one of my mentors, Gabrielle Roth, said, sweat our prayers on the dance floor.

This is another class that we deliver in our #retreat, home dance therapy!

6- Various detox practices. Juice-only days, vegan food for 30 days, zero refined sugar, and yet we still found amazing healthy desserts sweetened with dates or raisins. I recommend the book : Sem Açúcar com Afeto by Sonia Hirsch, barbarian!

7- We went to a sacred place for the community, on a specific sacred day to ask for that blessing to the waters. I can describe it as a walk inside rock pools (queues with hundreds of people, who moved slowly, with water up to their belly) (cold) where we took baskets of flowers with offerings to the local gods, which were deposited next to sculptures that more water gushed into the pool (I will make a specific post about this moment on my Instagram) where we put our heads down to receive this waterfall of clean and cold water and followed to the next source. From another world. Beautiful, simple, deep, touching.

And there I invite you to also transform your bath into a ritual. There are days I want purification and cleansing, other days I want to energize myself. There are several ceremonies and home processes that make our bathing a sacred ceremony. Ask me more about it.

So today's text is to remember and spread that Bali is beautiful!

And that we can also use this healthy and magical lifestyle in our homes today. Since we can't be there, we can have the same benefits from your practices here and now.

Beautiful day for everyone.

Walk in love,


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