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What are the lies I tell myself and I believe?

1- I'm too busy today to exercise

(or to learn about my finances, or to schedule my therapy, or to meditate)

2- I need “x” to feel “y”

(I need a better car, or a smaller nose, or be younger to be happy)

3- someone will save me

(I don't need to change, I don't need to try, I don't need to look at what I don't like about me)

4- I don't deserve to be loved

(I'm too tall, or too short, or too thin, or too fat, or I live in the wrong neighborhood, or I don't drive the right car, etc.)

5- Better to stay in this horrible relationship than alone

6- if I don't think about it, it will disappear

7- if I had been born richer, taller, in another state, blonder, in another country, my life would be easier

8- There is nothing I can do to improve my life

9- monday I start

10- I have to be perfect!

So what's yours?

Our personal lies are those conversations we have in secret with ourselves, trying to convince ourselves, like a small child, in stories that deep down we know are not real.

Coming out of this childish side of us and maturing us through self-study and its practices take us out of the fantasy world of our mind and hand us over to real life.

The one where we need to face our self deception and grow.

Say to ourselves: I don't want to act like that anymore. I want to free myself from the childishness of the make-believe world and face my strengths and weaknesses with a human being responsible for his life.

It empowers.

It gives strength to overcome obstacles

It makes us really live.

And meanwhile, let's identify where we lie, we only change what we see.

So, what's yours?


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