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Breathe Online Retreats

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Respira Retreats were created to meet these deep needs that arise in all of us.

In this current moment, where we go through so many questions and uncertainties, many people end up feeling their body asking for help, with low energy and inertia.

Others are lost and distracted in their negative or anxious thoughts .

Or they feel that they cannot go through periods of sadness and fear in their emotions without losing themselves . You are afraid to accept happiness in your life with all your heart because you don't feel worthy.

And sometimes all this comes with a sense of spiritual disconnection ...

It's a lot of intensity that accumulates if we don't stop to take care of these calls.

We know these spaces, we've been there. 

And   we found healthy outlets to move through them with balance and evolution.


With all this in mind, we designed our  Retiro Respira , Less Anxiety More Happiness .

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For you who want:

  • Feel strong to face life's obstacles.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence.

  • Manage your stress and anxiety with cunning and maturity.

  • Have more happiness and lightness to enjoy your relationships.

  • Have clarity to identify and naturalness to express and meet your needs

  • Feel loved, listened to and welcomed.

  • Gain more self-confidence and focus to fulfill your dreams.

  • Practical and effective tools that stimulate and motivate your growth.

To whom   is addressed:

The Retreat Breathes, Less Anxiety, More Happiness,  is for  people who feel the need to get out of an automatic , unstable, anxious life _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ for a conscious and fulfilling life .  Prepared to live, enjoy and face everything that may come  in today and tomorrow with focus and presence.

Also for those who are thirsty to improve their self-care, self-management and self-knowledge practices , generating more intimacy, resilience  and self-confidence .

About as  Facilitators:

jpg (73).jpg

Shirayam Daniele Ribeiro

Shirayam is a Facilitator, Writer, Speaker and Therapist , who has supported thousands of people in over 10 countries using different  self-knowledge techniques for better management of stress, anxiety, breaking limiting beliefs , self management and quality of life!


Yemisari Juliana Ribeiro 

A born seeker! A thirst for knowledge! Graduated in Applied Naturology from UNISUL , with a postgraduate degree in Acupuncture from IBRATE . She was an instructor at the Condor Blanco International Organization, Free Mind school, where she taught seminars in several countries.

  • Applied Naturology

  • therapeutic writing

  • positive psychology

  • The Work by Byron Katie

  • natural therapies

  • CNV

  • mindfulness

  • Dance Therapy

  • art therapy

  • Brototherapy

  • music therapy

  • Meditation

  • aromatherapy

  • Bach charts

  • reflexology

  • Primal Therapy

  • Shirinyoku

  • Mindful Walks

  • iridology

  • Homeopathy, among others.

Techniques and lines of thought

that we work on in our Respira Retreats:

How does   work?

In all retreats we use the same methodology that addresses the human being as a whole .

A successful format already proven by the hundreds of participants who have already passed through Respira.


With each new release, we deliver different techniques on the same themes so that our "home" participants, who come to all the retreats, can deepen and diversify their practices.

There are 30 days   of Retiro Respira, carried out in 4 weeks:

Image by Patriçio

self care


Image by Nguyen Thu Hoai



Image by Jackson David

Emotional Maturity

Image by Amelia Bartlett

Spiritual Intelligence

What is included   in these 30 days:

  • Access to the three classes of the Free Course on Less Anxiety 

  • 4 lessons  with Shirayam and Yemisari live

  • 4 recorded classes

  • 4 weeks of practice  in group, associated with the class theme, with follow-up via Whatsapp. Let's do the challenge of the week together!

  • Ceremony Breathe , Connection with you.

Image by Omid Armin

Bonus :

  • You will receive: audio of your individual Iris reading, Iridology , with Yemisari.

  • Weekly Meditation with guided visualization with Shirayam, following the themes worked in our classes.

  • You will have access to all classes for a year , to review as many times as you want!

  • 50% discount on our annual membership fee: Crescendo o Ano Todo.

Period   in which we will be in Retiro:

Start: Tuesday October 12th at 19:55.

Participants will receive their link by email or whatsapp, after the registration is confirmed.

Let's go until November 12th. 

A 30 day cycle together!!

Payment methods: 

Up to 12 installments on the credit card   + interest from the Pagseguro platform or

Pix, with 10% discount on sight .   De  R$ 499.00 for 449.00.


10x of BRL 49.90

For  more information , please contact us by whatsapp:


"Taking the retreat and not pyre put me in balance and gave me strength last year to go through the pandemic and be able to overcome 2 surgeries.

Because in it I learned to be calmer and to control my anxiety

I had my results proven when I went through the second surgery too.

I was in the hospital and I called Shirayam and she helped me through the worst anxiety attack of my life.

I changed the way I deal with my anxiety and I felt a release about several issues in my life, my rescue with myself and my family and that brought me to Shirayam and Yemisari and they are my safe haven.

It supported me a lot in my self-knowledge of balance and focus on a healthy mental life.

Thank you for always taking care of me ."

Marcia Maria Smek ,  Babá 

Biguaçu, SC

©  2021 Shirayam Ribeiro, all rights reserved. Developed by  creativekali  & marilianigaru

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