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Learn about the Activities performed by Shirayam


Soul Walk - Camino De Santiago (The Way of Saint James)

Would you like to walk for 17 days in Europe on one of the oldest pilgrimage routes on the planet?

Welcome to Soul Walk - Camino de Santiago de Compostela 2023.

Soul Walk, what is it? Conscious walking or pilgrimage to places of beautiful landscape and sacred sites with focus on self-knowledge, transformation, and expansion of consciousness.

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Private Counseling

Shirayam has been conducting private counseling since 2003, personally and now online. She aims for empathic listening and focus on understanding and addressing the challenges faced by her clients by using techniques such as:

  • The Work by Byron Katie

  • Positive psychology

  • Brief systemic therapy

  • CNV

  • Mindfulness

  • BreathWork

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Shirayam has over 20 years of stage experience in Portuguese, Spanish and English and has lectured to over ten thousand people in 10 countries in the last 25 years.

These are unique lectures that promote an exchange between the audience and Shirayam in a deep and dynamic manner, promoting insights, emotions, lessons, and motivation.

Shirayam has performed in Congresses, to private audiences, schools, education offices, as well as business or corporate training, covering the most different topics in the area of quality of life, self-management, self-improvement, self-motivation, and self-knowledge.

She offers training in the area of labor, stress management, productivity, creativity and motivational factors.

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Respira retreats were created to address those profound feelings that arise in all of us. At the current moment, when we undergo so many doubts and uncertainties, many people find themselves feeling their bodies calling for help, with a lack of energy and apathy.Others are lost and distracted by their negative or anxious minds. They may feel they cannot go through times of sadness and fear without getting lost in their emotions.

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